The Biomimetic Sciences Institute has begun working in new areas of research with the Foundation’s own team, as well as with outside collaborators from some of the most prestigious institutions in the country. All areas of biomimetic research hold the potential to find more effective innovations and to create more original and creative designs in each and every discipline.
We would like to highlight

  • Biomedicine as a crucial field for people’s wellbeing. Of the various issues that concerned the Foundation from its conception, health is the most central to us, as health is, in very general terms (the health of humans in symbiosis with a healthy ecosystem), the very reason behind biomimicry itself.  Molecular biology allows us to study natural systems and functions that can only be seen at the microscopic level, which allows for an ever greater amount of designs inspired by nature in extensive professional fields.
  • Architecture is one of humanity’s most essential areas of design, and among those which consume most resources. A biomimetic architecture can reduce the waste generated during construction as well as buildings’ energy consumption, using the best techniques specific to each building’s needs. Biomimetic architecture also improves dramatically the effect on individuals’ health, by employing biophilia and re-opening the barrier between humans and the natural world.
  • Marine biomimicry is a field that has not, as yet, been studied in depth, but which has a great potential for growth. We look into mimicry from marine ecosystems applied to land innovations, and designs found in land ecosystems that can be applied to help conservation efforts for the planet’s seas and oceans.