For an education that promotes values and attitudes compatible with the development of life.

Educational model

We believe in an educational model that prepares us for life, not just for professional development. Bringing a non-anthropocentric view of the world through education helps us to rethink our relationship with the environment, makes us see that we ourselves are nature and that, as intrinsic parts of this ecosystem, every human action has an impact that needs to be valued, understood and taken into account.

Biomimetic Education Proposal

For this reason, our proposal for biomimetic education promotes transversal work that does neither dissociate the natural world from human beings, nor the science and technology from life. We invite students to open their perceptions and to identify the vital principles  nature has created to overcome all kinds of problems.


In this way we stimulate relational thinking, creativity and design skills from the perspective of bio-education. An education, in short, that promotes values ​​and attitudes compatible with the development of life.


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Generating educational ecosystems

If living is learning, the experience that was shared during the days when the Generating Educational Ecosystems program was implemented at the Espill School had become, in itself, a school of life.

The aim of this document is to collect these insights, along with the moments and considerations that made them possible, so that the school can continue exploring new areas and orienting itself towards the future. A path to the evolutionary transformation of the model.

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Invisible school

A day dedicated to transforming education. THE INVISIBLE SCHOOL proposes a series of disruptive and participatory events where various social actors (whether or not directly related to the educational world) will highlight issues of high impact in learning with children, young people and, why not, adults of a city or territory.

A citizen event that will define (unusual) learning spaces with the common denominator of games, art, theatre or culture as the guiding thread.

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Sangaku Maths educational project

Sangaku Maths is a proposal to create community in the environment of learning mathematics.

We believe that the great challenge of the present is to ensure that children around the world can enjoy open and collaborative education, from which no one is excluded.

It is a commitment that we acquire with the seal of the Biomimetic Science Institute of Barcelona, ​​understanding mathematics not as an instrument, but as a biomimetic lifestyle.

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BiosTEAM educational program

First step in the field of science and technology is to connect it with inspired bio models, strategies and patterns.

It is oriented from a natural (decision making) perspective  andis used together with Sangaku and in collaboration with the “Biomimicry Institute”.

We are Nature and we cannot detach ourselves from this natural fact. This leads to a change in values ​​and attitudes that makes us rethink the current concept of material progress and asks us to consider the impact of our activities