Biomimetics is a new approach to human product design that is born of the most profound admiration for and knowledge of life in all its forms. Vital Intelligence is behind natural processes, systems and functions, and holds within the wisdom of more than 3.8 billion years of evolution, which have allowed it to optimise an inexhaustible amount of tools that exist free from human influence, crucial elements in complete harmony with their ecosystems.

Biomimetics searches for innovative solutions for a sustainable future for humans on planet Earth, in symbiosis with the rest of animal and plant that have a role to play in their environment. The distinguishing feature of biomimetics is its understanding of such mechanisms, which may not be visible to the naked eye, but which may be observed at a microscopic scale thanks to today’s technological and scientific advancements. 

Individually, we humans are also intelligent but collectively we have created huge problems for future generations. Fortunately, nature is here to help us. Learning from it we will be able to create concepts, processes and products that adapt well to life on earth in the long term.


Biomimetics is the discipline that allows us to translate between human and natural design. It is a branch of science and a design methodology, but also a positioning towards nature, a way of valuing biodiversity and, above all, an awareness of the importance of life.



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