Biomimetics is a new language that allows us to ask nature.

The most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions to many of human problems were created billions of years ago.

Inspired by the strategies and models of success developed by life in its efforts to stay alive, we will discover an inexhaustible potential to face complexity from the utmost simplicity.

Where there is life there is intelligence, we just have to learn to translate the patterns from natural design to human design to create the most elegant, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Individually, human beings are also intelligent but collectively we have created enormous problems for future generations. Fortunately, nature is here to help us. By learning from it we will be able to create concepts, processes and products that are well adapted to life on earth in the long term.



Biomimetics is the discipline that allows us to translate between human and natural design. It is a branch of science and a design methodology, but also a position towards nature, a way of valuing biodiversity and, above all, an awareness of the importance of life.