Biomimicry offers a broad view for innovation in a wide range of professions, from biomedicine to architecture, design, communications, city planning, engineering and economics. This is accomplished by observing, analysing and applying mimicry in one (and sometimes more) of its three main varieties. 


Biomimetics “consults” nature so as to emulate some of its best designs to solve human challenges in a sustainable way. This innovative field copies the forms, processes and systems found in nature to create solutions that are not only sustainable, but also establish the conditions conducive to the creation and support of life. 


By copying the morphology (or shape) of different living organisms, teams of scientists have created solutions such as these: 


Various living organic processes, studied by professionals working in many different fields, have served as inspiration for products such as these:


Various different living organic processes, studied by professionals working in different fields, have helped inspire products such as these: